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Postponement to September

Dear AIRBEAT ONE family,

Long and exhausting months lie behind us all, but slowly we see light at the end of the tunnel. Bit by bit, we seem to be able to return to a new kind of normality. We in our team have waited a long time for these first blossoming moments and have always kept our hope for a festival summer this year.

Although it’s not possible to party with you in July due to the current Corona situation, we will return to Neustadt-Glewe from 8th to 12th of September 2021 with an even more bombastic and superior AIRBEAT ONE.

Questions about questions are accumulated, which we want to clarify for you.

How will AIRBEAT ONE 2021 take place?

Our aim at all times was and still is to be able to perform the AIRBEAT ONE with the full number of guests. Because only in this way the collective and beloved festival feeling, which has been sorely missed for a year, can come back to life. We don’t want to leave any of you behind, because you’re all part of our big family.

This year’s festival will be accompanied by a test strategy and hygiene measures, comparable to your everyday life today. But we are sure that this easy hurdle will not prevent us from partying together and a long-awaited reunion. We have coordinated with another major festival as well as with various authorities and experts to develop a concept that enables us to implement the protective measures even with a full number of guests in a feasible framework.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that vaccinated and recovered people will have full access to all events. It’s therefore important for us to focus on testing the unvaccinated attendees. They should have the opportunity to participate in the festival after negative tests.

We will let you know in a few weeks what this hygiene and test concept looks like. We are currently working on the details together with the Health Office and the regulatory authority and adjusting the concept to current developments.

Also very important: The line-up remains almost unchanged. We use all the levers to be able to present you an identical line-up. Mainstage headliners such as Armin van Buuren, Timmy Trumpet or Steve Aoki, techno headliners in the arena such as Charlotte de Witte and headliners on the Terminal Stage such as Lost Frequencies were among the most committed. For DJs who are unfortunately unable to be with us in September, we are looking for an adequate replacement. You will also find out in a few weeks how the specific line-up will look like.

What happens to the tickets?

It’s your choice. If you want to keep your tickets for the new date, you just don’t do anything and they are automatically valid for the new date.

If you don’t have time in September, you can get a voucher from your ticket provider. This voucher gives you a pre-sale right to purchase AIRBEAT ONE tickets for 2022. Anyone who has obtained a voucher will receive an additional e-mail from their ticket provider a few weeks before pre-sale start for 2022, with all the necessary information and the possibility to secure your tickets before the pre-sale starts. This also applies to all of you who have already received a voucher from us.

You can redeem the vouchers for new AIRBEAT ONE tickets or for one of our other events. We are also happy to advise you on this via [email protected]. If you have not found an alternative event by 3st of December 2021, you can apply for a refund from us from the beginning of 2022.

Anyone who has purchased tickets for the AIRBEAT ONE 2021 between 8th of March 2020 and the present date can also request a refund of their order. If you don’t, you still have the options to keep your ticket, redeem your voucher for new tickets or sell your ticket through our official resale platform.

Both the voucher solution and the refund option run through your respective ticket provider. Please pay attention to who your ticket provider is and which information below applies to you accordingly.

For SeeTickets (ex Paylogic) customers:

If you have purchased your tickets at SeeTickets (ex Paylogic), Paylogic will send you an e-mail to the Refund Tool for voucher and refund requests. If you want to keep your ticket, you don’t have to use the tool. Tickets are then automatically valid for the new date.

In order to support AIRBEAT ONE, you can also donate a freely selectable percentage of the order value or the complete order. Should you decide to donate only part of your order value, you will also be issued a voucher for the remaining value. You can also register the donation option via the Refund Tool.

You have time until 13th of July 2021 to apply for your voucher, your donation or your refund.

For Festicket customers:

If you have purchased your ticket via Festicket, you will also receive an e-mail from Festicket Support with all important information and the link to the voucher and refund request form. If you don’t use this form, your tickets will be valid for the new date. Please note that you must have applied for your voucher or refund by 13th of July 2021 inclusive.

Use our ticket transfer or our resale platform!

If you would like to pass on your ticket to friends or acquaintances, you can transfer your ticket to another person via the Ticket Transfer.

Alternatively, you can also sell your tickets via our official resale platform.

Attention: Both platforms are only usable by Paylogic customers!

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For everyone having a cancellation insurance

If you have booked a cancellation insurance, we would like to ask you to contact the insurance company independently. All information can be found here:


Lost your ticket or your voucher?

No problem! Just go over the following links and you will be helped:

Lost ticket:

Lost voucher: Write a message to customer service

Info on the Corona vouchers issued so far

If you have already received a voucher from us due to the current Corona situation, you can redeem it for new tickets. We offer you the AIRBEAT ONE 2021 as an alternative event to last year. The right to buy your tickets for 2022 before the pre-sale starts, also applies to you. You will receive new information from your ticket provider about the pre-sale right for 2022 a few weeks before the pre-sale start. Of course, the voucher is also redeemable for all our other events.

We very much hope to see each other again in September.

Until then, take care of yourselves! Your AIRBEAT ONE team