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AIRBEAT ONE presents Scooter and W&W in the MEGA ARENA Neustadt-Glewe

“Maria Believe Me I Like It Loud” is booming from the speakers in the MEGA ARENA on the air-field in Neustadt-Glewe on November 6th, 2021. Then Scooter come to the ancient grounds of the AIRBEAT ONE Festival and celebrate a gigantic party in the largest circus tent in Europe. And be-cause we also love it loud, the Top14 DJ Mag EDM DJ duo from the Netherlands will join us with W&W. Willem and Ward have long since become Mainstage Residents of AIRBEAT. Demolition is guaranteed every year when these two are at the desks.

Scooter no longer need any introduction. The techno formation has sold over 30 million records, won countless awards, made 23 songs in the top 10 of the German single charts and released their 20th studio album with “God Save The Rave”. When H.P. Baxxter is on the mic and asks the crowd “How Much Is The Fish”, escalation is the order of the day.

But that’s not all. With Danny Avila, the number 38 of the DJ Mag Top 100 is also coming to the Neustadt-Glewe airfield. The sympathetic Spaniard has been killing the big stages of all festivals for years and is sure to bring his 2018 hit “Too Good To Be True”, which he recorded with Megan Fox friend and US rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

Of course, Neelix should not be missing from a mega party presented by the AIRBEAT ONE Fes-tival. For years he has been rocking the Mainstage at Northern Germany’s largest electronic music festival with his psytrance sounds and that is exactly what can be expected on November 6th.

For a mega event in the MEGA ARENA, of course, women also need to show their power behind the turn tables. Lari Luke and Mariana BO will take care of that. Mexican born Sandra Borrego Mariana Robles, aka Mariana BO, has a unique setup in her sets where she combines her skills on the violin with electronic music. That put her in 44th place in the current Top 100 of DJ Mag UK. Mike Perry, HouseKasper and No.Mads complete the line-up.

Up to 6,000 visitors can celebrate in the heated MEGA ARENA. The fans of the AIRBEAT ONE Festival already know the specially built, largest circus tent in Europe from the Terminal Stage, but it is now getting even bigger. And the tent city will be in no way inferior to an indoor location. A heat-ing system makes it cozy and warm, so that you can dance in a T-shirt.

Tickets are available on and all known advance booking offices. The price starts in advance booking level 1 from 29.99€ plus fees.

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AIRBEAT ONE presents

Scooter & W&W @ MEGA ARENA

06.11.2021 Airfield Neustadt-Glewe

Entrance 7:30pm, Start 8:00pm

Line Up:

Scooter W&W Danny Avila Lari Luke Mariana BO Mike Perry Neelix HouseKasper No.Mads