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Latest artist announcements

Dear Traveler,

dive into the latest wave of artist announcements for our exciting festival lineup:

đŸ”„ Mainstage: get ready for unforgettable performances from Artbat and Argy, whose stunning sets will take over the Mainstage!

⚡ Harder Stage: Villain and Hard Driver are ready to electrify the Harder Stage with pulsating beats and quicken the pulse of the crowd.

đŸŽ” Arenastage: ShlĂžmo brings his unmistakable talent to the Arenastage, look forward to a set that will make your heart beat faster.

🚀 Terminal Stage: Nicolas Binder will bring the Terminal Stage to life with his unique soundscape and musical excellence.

đŸ•°ïž Classic Area: CJ Stone and Chris Nitro are ready to make you nostalgic with classics and timeless tracks on the Classic Area.

🎉 N-Joy Check in Stage: Noel Holler will mix up the N-Joy Check in Stage with fresh beats and ensure the perfect start to the festival.

Don’t miss the chance to see these phenomenally talented artists live in action. Get your tickets and be part of the unforgettable festival history!