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Hello dear traveler,

look forward to some hot news – our fresh artist announcements have arrived!

An emotional rollercoaster ride in a class of its own lies behind us thanks to the announcement of these breathtaking artists! đŸŒ€đŸŽŒ

Watch out for Incognito, Ace Ventura and Captain Hook, who will be shaking up the Second Stage with explosive beats – a volcano of sound and energy is about to erupt! 🚹

Experience a journey through time with classic beats and legendary grooves with TNT on the N-Joy Check-in Stage. 🎇

Sam Feldt will conquer the Terminal Stage with magnetic melodies – get ready for a flight of fancy through the world of music! 🎾

Babalos is ready to unleash his psytrance magic on the Second Stage and whisk you away to unimagined worlds of sound! 🔼

With best regards, Your AIRBEAT ONE Team