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after our unforgettable 20th anniversary party with the theme Germany, the next destination is set for us: France! We can’t wait to transform the airport in Neustadt-Glewe into a French city and take you on a journey of discovery to the world’s best DJs and musical highlights.
After exploring countries and places like the impressive Mayan Kukulcán pyramid in Chichén Itzá, Rome steeped in history or the fascinating continent of Asia, the USA, England, India, Italy and last but not least Germany, we can’t wait to unveil France’s treasures now. Want to see more about our travels over the past few years? Then click here:


In 2024, look forward to a breathtakingly decorated festival site and elaborately designed stages that will make you feel like you’re in our neighboring country, France. Tickets for this thematic journey are available right here:

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