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The main stage of the Airbeat One Festival is a transformative marvel, inspired by the annual country theme. Experience the electrifying energy and tingling thrills as you arrive and watch the stage glow in the sunlight and become the heartbeat of the party by night, enlivened by world-renowned DJs. More than just music, it is the beating heart of the festival, an unforgettable adventure that will keep you coming back for more.


The Harder Stage at AIRBEAT ONE Festival is the epitome of powerful, intense sounds – an electrifying place where raw bass meets clear, unadulterated music. Let yourself be swept away into a world that celebrates hardstyle in all its glory, where every bassline beats deeper and fills the night with energy. Here you can expect the hardest beats and a visual spectacle that will bring your wildest festival dreams to life.


Experience a top-class techno experience on the Arena Stage of the AIRBEAT ONE Festival, where powerful bass and melodic beats merge. State-of-the-art technology makes the techno heart beat faster here and invites you to immerse yourself in a booming club where you can completely merge with the music. Embark on a transformative sonic journey, let go of all your worries and live it up – in the depths of techno, where every beat is a pulsation of life.


The Terminal Stage of the AIRBEAT ONE Festival is a musical expedition through various genres, fueled by the dynamics of EDM and radio house. Let the beats take you on a journey full of lights and emotions. Imagine dancing under a sea of shimmering lights – a spectacle that makes your heart and soul vibrate. Whether to powerful beats or to the rhythm of softer melodies, the Terminal Stage promises an experience that will captivate you day and night. It is a stage that creates moments you will never forget.

Second Stage

The Second Stage at the center of the AIRBEAT ONE festival is a mecca for psytrance lovers, complete with Europe’s largest awning. Immerse yourself in a world of hypnotic beats that will transport you to another dimension of rhythmic trance, accompanied by touching soundtracks and magical nights. Experience unforgettable moments in this psychedelic oasis.


Immerse yourself in the heart of the AIRBEAT ONE festival on the camping site at the N-JOY Check In Stage. Experience the soundtrack of your arrival in a colorful music mix of house, techno, EDM and more that welcomes you with euphoric beats. The Stage is not just a stage, but a lively meeting place – the perfect start to your festival adventure. Look forward to dancing, laughing and unforgettable moments at the N-JOY Check In!


In the VIP Village of the AIRBEAT ONE Festival, luxury and relaxation await you on the sandy beach with chilled beats on an extra stage and a unique ambience. In the evening, the VIP Stage transforms into the Classic Area, where a musical journey through time with the hits of the last 20 years awaits you. Let yourself be enchanted by nostalgia and rhythm – your exclusive festival experience of superlatives.