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Airbeat One presents

I Am Hardstyle

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I Am Hardstyle

Hardstyle fans watch out! We present you none other than Brennan Heart with his I AM HARDSTYLE show in the beautiful north of Germany. On October 30, 2021, he and eleven other DJs will make the Airfield in Neustadt-Glewe shake with the hardest hardstyle bass from 7pm on.

Brennan Heart is the figurehead of the hardstyle scene. Already at the age of 14 the great love for electronic music germinated in him. At the age of 18 he signed his first record deal with EMI Music. With WE R Music, the Dutch DJ runs his own label and plays in front of thousands of people at the big festivals from Tomorrowland to Electric Daisy Carnival and, of course, at all the festivals of the harder kind like Qlimax, Defcon 1 or Hard Bass. His unique music and his I AM HARDSTYLE concept make Brennan Heart a true legend of the scene. With his I AM HARDSTYLE show Brennan Heart brings together fans of Harder Styles worldwide and creates a show in a class of its own!

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Your way to the event


Of course we want you to get to I AM HARDSTYLE and back in one piece. That’s why we have organized bus tours for you right to the door of the location. Both HARDTOURS and Feierreisen welcome you in their party buses on their tours across Germany! Just pick your departure point, book your ride and off you go!

All information about the tours can be found on the websites of HardTours and Feierreisen. Book your tour here:

HardTours Feierreisen

Bus shuttle from Schwerin

You need a ride from the main station Schwerin? Then take our bus shuttle to the event area in Neustadt-Glewe.

You have to return to Schwerin after the event? Then book a ticket for our bus shuttle. From the event area to the main station Schwerin.

Bus shuttle from Neustadt-Glewe train station

You need a ride from the train station in Neustadt-Glewe? Then take our bus shuttle to the event area.

You have to return to Schwerin after the event? Then book a ticket for our bus shuttle. From the event area to the train station Neustadt-Glewe.

Busshuttle Buy Tickets


In order to be able to set up these huge parties for you, we of course need a sensible hygiene concept. This is the only way we can party despite Corona. The best news first: There is no mask requirement! Otherwise, 3G is the entry requirement here.

Who has access to the event?

We have the requirement that the 3G rule applies to access to the event, i.e. only fully vaccinated, demonstrably recovered or currently tested visitors may be admitted. We have to check that before you enter the arena. So that there are no endless queues and hours of waiting at the entrance, we sometimes check this even before you arrive.

To do this, we use an event portal, into which you have to upload the necessary evidence before your arrival. In this portal, we will then link your evidence to your ticket using “GreenCheck”. Only when we have checked this evidence will we set your ticket to “green”, then you can arrive and enter the location.

In order to get to the event portal, you first have to verify your ticket. Use the following link for this: After your ticket has been successfully verified, the system will redirect you to a menu in which you will find the GreenCheck. You then use the portal to carry out the further steps to link your proof to the ticket.

Check in

When you arrive, we will check your ticket status at the entrance. If you have successfully uploaded your vaccination / convalescence or test certificate in our GreenCheck and we have accepted this proof after checking, your ticket is “green” and authorized for access. For you there will be the so-called GreenCheck checkouts, where only your ticket is scanned and the health status stored on it is checked.

If your 3G status has not yet been clarified upon arrival, we can also solve the problem manually on site at separate cash registers. Here you have to be prepared for longer waiting times. So make sure you have your ticket, your ID card and your health certificate ready.

The test concept for all those who have not been vaccinated and those who have not recovered

All non-vaccinated and non-recovered visitors are required to test. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, decisions are made according to the traffic light system, on the basis of which the hygiene measures are determined. We are currently “green”. You can read an update on the current level in our district Ludwigslust-Parchim here ( every day from 5 p.m. Vaccinated and tested people do not have to undergo a test.

It is best to upload your test results to GreenCheck before you arrive. This will save you a lot of time at the entrance. You can access the GreenCheck via our event portal after you have verified your ticket:

The following applies to level green:

An antigen test is sufficient. Current test evidence is proof that you are not infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (“negative evidence”). We need the proof in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish language, paper or digital form.

The following applies to the “yellow” level:

A PCR test is required. Current test evidence is proof that you are not infected with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus (“negative evidence”). The sample collection must not have taken place more than 48 hours before the event. We need the proof in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish language, paper or digital form. At all Mega Arena events, we do not accept rapid antigen tests as negative evidence at the “yellow” level.

Be sure to get tested on Friday so you can have the results by Saturday and attend the show.

We implement the PCR test concept with our partner Ingenium Labs.

If you also want to get the cheaper PCR test from our partner Ingenium Labs, book a test ticket in advance as soon as you see via LaGus that a PCR test will be necessary. We will of course keep you up to date on the current admission conditions.

Ingenium Labs has more than 150 test partners all over Germany, and there is sure to be one in your region too. You can choose the city and the day for the test in an online portal and then Ingenium Labs will send you a confirmation with a test time. If you want to take the test at a different time, this is possible, but you will have to expect waiting times. When the test is carried out, the test partner checks your identity as part of our official requirements so that we can be sure that the test result really fits the ticket holder. You can get more information directly from our partner Ingenium Labs: coming soon

At Ingenium Labs you have the choice between an individual test and a pool test. The single test costs 45€. For the pool test, you can team up with at least 2 friends (at least 3 people in total) and all take the test together. This costs only 25€. All samples are evaluated together, so if one case from the group is positive, all are considered positive and are not allowed to come to the event.

You can book your appointment here: coming soon. You will receive a test ticket, which you then have to present to the test partner on the test day.

When do I have to do my PCR test?

We recommend taking the test two days before the event.

You will receive the test result from the day before at about 4 p.m. the day after the test. So please do your test timely so that you can upload the test result to our GreenCheck before you arrive. Please note that the test is valid for 72 hours from test acceptance. So don’t get tested too early either.

PCR test: how do I get the result and what do I do with it?

Ingenium Labs will send you a digital certificate as a PDF that you can upload directly to our GreenCheck system. Only then we can activate your ticket for access. You can also use this certificate in other places where you have to prove a test, e.g. in a hotel or guesthouse.

You can access the event portal after you have verified your ticket. More here:

Which rules do you have to observe when staying at the event?

Even if this procedure sounds complicated, it allows you to stay at our events under almost normal conditions:

  • You don’t have to wear a mask in most areas during your stay at the event and, most importantly, not on the dance floors! Nevertheless, we recommend that you wear the mask in all areas where it is difficult to keep your distance, e.g. on the walkways, queues (e.g. at food and drink stands, at the entrances and when visiting the toilet facilities)
  • You do not have to keep a minimum distance during your stay at the event in most areas, especially not on the dance floors! Nevertheless, we recommend that you comply with the minimum distance in all areas where it is possible. The minimum distance in all queues at food stands is mandatory. We have constructed the location very generously. Everyone should have the opportunity to keep their distance if they want to.
  • There are signs at all entrances and exits, at the food stands and on the large walkways that show you the right route. Please note this.
  • The usual general hygiene rules continue to apply: Please wash your hands frequently and use the numerous hygiene dispensers and observes the cough and sneeze label.

Please also note the friendly reminders of the security service in case you get a hint at one point or another. We can only celebrate safely if everyone participates!