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Latest artist announcements

Dive into the next chapter of Airbeat One Festival as the latest artist announcements for 2024 promise a symphony of superlatives on our colorful stages!

On the Second Stage, Berg and Alchimyst will weave mysterious melodies into a tapestry that will take you straight to other dimensions. Listen to the deep, progressive beats that lure you into psychedelic dream worlds and discover the new horizons of electronic music with us.

The Harder Stage will become the pulsating heart of the festival as Ran-D, Warface, Paul Elstak and Zatox unleash their adrenaline-fueled sets. Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotion and energy to burn under your skin as these hardstyle legends take to the stage.

The Terminal Stage opens its doors to the melodic vibes of Pretty Pink and HouseKaseR. The smooth transitions and great sounds will turn your dance into a journey where every step brings you closer to happiness.

Pure nostalgia awaits you on our brand new Classic Area – a tribute to the timeless beats of days gone by with Special D and DJ Yanny. Dive back into the era of dance floor classics and let’s reminisce together.

The Arenastage reveals two great musicians. Charlie Sparks and Parfait will shake up your musical world with their techno sounds. Are you ready for these and many more great artists at AIRBEAT ONE Festival 2024?

Your team from AIRBEAT ONE