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Neueste Artistankündigungen

Dear Traveler,

welcome to the hottest news of our festival line-up! 🔥 Prepare yourselves, because our stages are coming to life with new artists whose rhythms and beats will shake the foundations of our event. Here comes the update:

🌟 Mainstage: Marten Hørger is ready to wow the crowds with his energetic sets – a performance you won’t want to miss!

💥 Harder Stage: Look forward to an electrifying bass thunderstorm, because Da Tweekaz and Rebelion really let it rip here.

🎉 Arena Stage: Get ready for the concentrated power of LEVT, because this performance will ignite irresistible musical fireworks.

✈️ Terminalstage: Justin Prince pulls out all the stops for a show that will make the Terminalstage the epicenter of the festival.

🌀 Secondstage: LsDirty switches into full energy mode and ensures that silence doesn’t stand a chance.

🕰️ New Classic Stage: Eric SSL and Revil O revive the classics and provide unforgettable moments with a touch of nostalgia.

🎵 N-Joy Check In Stage: Noisetime provides the soundtrack for the perfect festival start – the focus of the action right from the start.