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Powerstations – power directly at the tent


Dear travelers, we have great news that will upgrade your stay with us: You can order mobile power stations from Plug-in Festivals in our ticketshop. With these you will always be well equipped on the festival site and no longer have to worry about empty batteries.

The Powerstation provides:

  • 2x 230 V socket
  • 3x USB ports
  • 1x USB C port
  • 1x 12 V cigarette lighter

You can use the Powerstation to charge the following devices, for example:

  • Phone: 40+ charges
  • Recharge any batteries (e-cigarette, powerbanks, shavers)
  • Electric air pump: 6+ h
  • Compressor cooler: 12+ h
  • Electric cooler: 5+ h
  • Ventilator (CPAP): 10+ h

Please note that devices over 500 watts will not work.

Best of all, when the Powerstation is empty, you can replace it with a full one at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Get the mobile power stations from Plug-in Festivals directly in our ticketshop now and enjoy the festival without worrying about empty batteries!


Pick-up locations: Main Camping, VIP Camping & North Camping

Opening hours: 10.07 from 9am-9pm 11/12/13.07 from 9am-9pm 14.07 from 7am-10am